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The mission of FTR Solutions is to increase the security of financial services. FTR Solutions offer a range of services to assist financial institutions to develop and improve their IT and information security capabilities.

FTR Solutions perform a wide range of security technology services specifically tailored to the financial services sector, including:

    • Security organisation development
    • Security policy, process and technical standard development
    • Security architecture
    • Solution design, selection & comparison
    • Technology claim and requirement validation
    • Technology programme management

FTR Solutions offers access to individuals with exceptional pedigree in security and technology management. Our staff and associates have been involved in high tech crime and information security training, research and tool development since 1999.

We have also been involved in the identification and implementation of strategies to enhance coordination in the fight against high tech crime and worked closely with national and international law enforcement and industry to develop coordinated approaches to tackling cybercrime, card fraud and identity theft.

Security Organisation

The FTR Solutions security organisation service encompasses the FTR Solutions model for development of an effective IT or information security capability within a financial institution.

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Security Policies and Standards

A strong suite of IT or information security policies, processes and standards is essential to ensure that security is tightly integrated into the organisational culture of the institution.

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Security Architecture

FTR Solutions have developed a model security architecture framework to enable IT solutions projects to make sensible security architecture decisions without needing an IT security architect.

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Solution Design and Selection

The security of new technologies, whether developed in-house or by a third party, needs to be carefully considered to ensure that any risks introduced by the technology are identified and managed.

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