Security Policies and Standards

A strong suite of IT or information security policies, processes and standards is essential to ensure that security is tightly integrated into the organisational culture. The Security Policies and Standards service encompasses a range of policy, process and technical standard development engagements that FTR Solutions can provide.

iStock 000017702529 Medium sm2The purpose of the service is to:

  1. Develop a coherent suite of IT or information security policies, processes and standards; flowing from high-level principles down to technical standards describing how the policies should be implemented in specific technical conditions.
  2. Review existing policies, processes and standards to ensure adherence to established best practice.

The service will increase the security of your organisation by:

  1. Ensuring that IT or information security policies are comprehensive and coherent.
  2. Leveraging our understanding of the IT and information security threat landscape to proactively defend against emerging threats.
  3. Incorporating international best practice into policies, processes and standards.


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