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Unparalleled Technical Knowledge

FTR Solutions have a team of industry experts, specifically selected for their knowledge of technologies employed by the financial services sector.

We have in-house expertise on a wide range of anti-fraud and AML technologies and we work hard to maintain a broad perspective on the overall cybercrime threat landscape. We have in-house expertise on a wide range of information security frameworks such as COBIT and ISO27001 and service delivery frameworks such as ITIL. 

We have also unique experience and insight into the data protection regulatory implications of various technologies, most particularly in the area of cloud-based services. 

At FTR Solutions we believe in always keeping one eye on the future so that we can provide insight into emerging technology threats, enabling our clients to proactively defend against these threats before any losses are incurred.

Relevant, International Experience

Our clients are some of the largest financial institutions in the world and we can leverage a wealth of experience dealing with the specific requirements of financial institutions into each engagement.

We have also been closely involved in the identification and implementation of stategies to enhance coordination in the fight against high tech crime and worked closely with national and international law enforcement and industry to develop coordinated approaches to tackling cybercrime, card fraud and identity theft.

Focus on Improvement

Our aim in each engagement is to increase the security of your organisation. Whether that is through the design, selection and deployment of new fraud prevention technologies or through the enhancement of information security organisation, governance, policies, procedures and standards, you can be assured at all times our focus is on the key goal of increased security.

Security Organisation

The FTR Solutions security organisation service encompasses the FTR Solutions model for development of an effective IT or information security capability within a financial institution.

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Security Policies and Standards

A strong suite of IT or information security policies, processes and standards is essential to ensure that security is tightly integrated into the organisational culture of the institution.

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Security Architecture

FTR Solutions have developed a model security architecture framework to enable IT solutions projects to make sensible security architecture decisions without needing an IT security architect.

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Solution Design and Selection

The security of new technologies, whether developed in-house or by a third party, needs to be carefully considered to ensure that any risks introduced by the technology are identified and managed.

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